Tips on Planning a Travel for tours, holidays and vacations

Smart Tips on Planning a Travel, Holidays and Vacations !!!

Find some best tips on planning a travel for tours, holidays and vacations with friends, family and spouse. One of the biggest challenge these days is to make sure you have an end to end arrangement for your travel on tours , trips, vacations and holidays. It is usually due to many options to choose from and the desire for going for the best. We do not want to settle down for least and this desire for wanting the best make us confused and usually ends our plan in chaos until last minute.


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In order to be able to successfully plan your travel, you need to start the preparation of travel, itenary, accommodation, transport, food etc well in advance. Say about 2-3 weeks in advance. Always do extensive research on the finalized destination. especially about the climate, accessibility to transport, food, safety and any potential incidents like elections etc in that area. Once you do this, you will be in comfortable position on going ahead and planning your trip.


Find this crisp checklist on planning for a travel:

  • Finalize the travel destination
    • Check on the climate of the destination for the period you intend to travel
    • Check on the available sight seeing and the activities you plan are available during your plan of travel
  • Review the Accommodations and Book them
    • Check on the reviews posted on sites like trip advisor etc to find what other travelers are saying about a particular accommodation
    • talk to the hotels and get best rates and book them in advance to get huge savings on your travel
  • Book Transport
    • Make sure you have done proper research in advance to book your travel from your home town to the destination
    • Also make sure you have arranged transport for your trip from the moment you get down in destination city, this is to ensure that you do not waste any time on finding the transport after arrival.
    • Have a proper reputed coordinator coordinate your local transport at the destination so that you enjoy the most. don’t go for less reputed and cheap transport organizers as your time is precious at that time and you need to make sure everything is in place and well organized. dont hesitate to spend some extra bucks if you need.
  • Carry essential / necessary belongings
    • Make sure you have the checklist of baggage identified and arranged
    • Carry your brushing sets like tooth brush, tooth paste, mouth washer etc
    • Carry 2 sets of shaving for your beards if you want. usually helps for pics and selfies
    • Carry bathing sets like towels,soaps, shampoo, hair conditioners etc
    • Carry emergency equipments like a small battery driven torch, a lighter, swiss knife etc
    • Carry a spare blanket.
    • Carry insect repellents or mosquito repellents
    • Depending on the climate and the destination, carry appropriate clothing, head gear, foot gear etc
    • Do not make your baggage too heavy. Keep it as light and portable as you can.
    • Also carry an empty polythene packets so that you can put your soiled clothes in it.
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Hope the above listed tips for planning a travel for holidays, vacation, tours trips etc can be helpful. Do share your thoughts on the items we missed, so that we can add it to the list and make it a comprehensive one for the use of one and all.


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