Health Insurance,Medical Insurance, Car Insurance Deals for Festivals?

Did you ever see any Insurance company like oriental insurance, ICICI lombard or AIG Tata or Bajaj Insurance companies offering Health Insurance or Car Insurance deals fro Festivals? Even the guys like Religare Insurance or Mediclaim guys for that matter? Now you can get it..


Its not just about getting a deal on insurance of health or car or house or travel.  Its about negotiation. You need not wait until the last minute of the announcement of the insurance deals. There are a number of ways your can get these Insurance Deals for yourself and your loved ones.

Health Insurance Medical Insurance Car Insurance Accident Insurance Travel Insurance Home Insurance LIC

Remember a proper Negotiation skills is very essential. Do not get into a tussle or argument or debate with your insurance provider. Rather, work with him on a best deal. Try to negotiate it your way. Always compare your insurances as against the directly offered. Check out TV commercials, Internet Ads etc and then make a candid choice of selecting a best health insurance for your family, or a best car insurance or accident insurance policy. After all you take insurance for those days when you need the most.

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If you have a Car dont ignore the car insurance policy or auto insurance policy for a cheap car insurance. Else you may be looking for a structured settlement loan or buyout or buyers.

Many people do not understand the Insurance Policy terms and nobody bothers to it. But if you are looking for a long term investment and continuous investment seriously then it is advised that you need to get the complete understanding on how this Insurance Investment and Returns model works. Take some time out on a weekend and study all the terms and conditions being applied on each of the products which you are interested. Compare those terms and conditions with other competitor you have short listed. It makes sense to know what your policy “have” and “have nots” are.


Who knows, during your learning you may end up becoming an insurance adviser to your people and which can also serve as a source of additional income for you. I have personally seen many people who do this advisory role on a part time basis to make some pocket money which they spend without a thought.

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Coming back to the original point, does the insurance companies serve some good exciting deals, promo codes, coupons for their customers or new ones?  Yes. keep a track of those main Insurance company websites to get good offers and deals for Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Accident Insurance, Property Insurance, Travel Insurance etc…


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